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How can I achieve a worry-free life?

There are three crucial finance-related steps I would encourage you to take to achieve a worry-free future.

1-Protect your income

Your income is your single most important asset. Losing your income can bring financial ruin to you and your family.

2-Look after your obligations

All of us have some financial obligations. Learn how you can live worry free no matter what circumstances you may encounter.

3-Plan for your retirement

Explore all your tax-free options of building your retirement nest egg.

Statistics Canada reports on health-related deaths

In 2016 Statistics Canada reported on leading death-causing illnesses. The report highlights two of them which have no respect for age. People ages 20 and up, who die prematurely, are most likely to die from cancers and cardiovascular disseises. With age, this list expands to include several other illnesses such as diabetes, strokes and in later years several age-related diseases.

Why I decided to become and independent broker

Advising my clients in complex financial matters demands flexibility. As an independent broker, I represent all top-rated insurance companies; therefore, I can focus on your needs and not feel beholden to any one of them.

To achieve financial stability, and to assure yourself a worry-free life, requires careful planning. First, you must recognize your vulnerabilities and then protect yourself against potential financial setbacks. With the myriads of protection offerings available, such a plan can be a daunting task. I am intimately familiar with the nuances of these offerings; therefore, I can guide you and based on your circumstance, I can build this plan for you.

I offer you my services at no charge to you, and you are not obligated to act on any of my recommendations.

Protect your income

Your ability to earn income is your most important asset. Critical illness, disability, or loss of your extended health benefits can create a debilitating blow to your finances.

Look after your obligations

Mortgages or any other debt can be inexpensively protected against unexpected death. Knowing the right protection can determine who will be paid. Is it your bank, or your loved ones?

Plan for your retirement

Your hard-earned money must work for you. You must adopt appropriate investment strategies. You want to maximize your returns and minimize the tax impact.

Your children's future

The cost of education is on the rise. To help your children succeed, you need to invest in your children’s future. The right investment and government grants will improve your child’s chances.

Preexisting conditions

If you have a preexisting condition, it is essential to have the right protection. Many believe that protection is not available to them or it is too expensive. Yes, it is available, and yes, it is affordable.

Traveling or visiting

Cost of medical interventions outside Canada is expensive. Even within Canada, the coverage is not consistent between the provinces. Visitors to Canada must have appropriate protection.

Group protection plans

Employees are your most valuable asset. A sensible group benefit plan will recognize their value to your company and potentially lower your costs by reducing employee turnover.

Business owners

Business owners have unique existential exposures. Protecting your business is paramount. Carefully thought out and implemented financial protection, and sound tax strategy is a must.

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